May donation

April’s donation went to the Isaac Asimov Memorial Debates. I just put the May donation in the mail: $200 to AOPA’s Air Safety Foundation, an organization dedicated to making flying safer for general aviation pilots. In the past, I’ve given them $100/year, but I decided to double it this year because general aviation has been struggling under potential user fees, not to mention the media scrutiny after accidents like Corey Lidle’s crash last October.

Next on the list, for the month of July* is the University of California, Riverside‘s creative writing and political science departments.

* What happened to June? This year, I have budgeted $200/month for charitable donations. But I don’t necessarily send out $200 donations to 12 different organizations each year. I am planning on sending $400 to UCR ($300 to creative writing and $100 to political science) and that $400 comes from the June/July budget.


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