We won our first game!

That’s right, we won our first softball game last night, and not by forfeit either. We played the full 7 innings and the final score was 14-11. Our offense showed up but do did our defense. Two innings in a row, we held the other team to one-two-three innings. In fact, in the fourth inning, I had three chances at short (1 ground ball assist and 2 pop flies behind third) and made all three outs that inning myself.

We were behind by a few runs until the fifth inning, at which point we went ahead and never looked back. We were up by 2 runs going into the top of the 7th, got one more run, and then managed to hold the other team in the bottom of the 7th.

I went 3-for-4 and score a couple of runs. Our team played great defense, and we did some great hitting too. After the game, about 15 of us headed to The Ugly Mug and Finn McCool’s in Eastern Market. It was late. I stayed for one beer and then headed home. I left the bar at nine, and managed to catch the trains perfectly (including a yellow line to Greenbelt!) and managed to get home before 10 PM.

It was so much fun, to start out the season with a win. And since no other teams have played in our division yet, it was also pointed out that not only did we win, but we are, for however brief, in first place.


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