600 days

Today marks the 600th consecutive day of at least 1 post on my blog. Since the beginning of this run, I’ve made 2,080 posts (if you include this one), which comes to an average of nearly 3.5 posts per day. I’ve received 2,619 comments, which comes to an average of 1.26 comments per post, or 4.4 comments per day.

For this year only (so far).

Total posts: 686
Average posts/day: 3.4
Most # posts in a day: 11
Most # posts in a week: 35
Fewest # posts in a week: 9
Most active day of week: Tuesday (127 posts this year, 3.9 posts/Tuesday)
Least active day of week: Sunday (89 posts this year, 2.7 posts/Sunday)


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