Reading “100s”

Since I spent some time collecting some blog stats this morning, I spent a little more time culling some interesting reading stats, what I call reading “100s”. These are the 100th books that I have read (only 3 so far) and the duration between them.

Book #100 was Nine Tomorrows by Isaac Asimov, and it took me 993 days to read my first 100 books.

Book #200 was Truman by David McCullough, and it took me 1,029 days to read my second 100 books.

Book #300 was Gateway by Frederik Pohl, and it took me 1,233 days to read my third 100 books.

Taking the average, it takes me 1,085 days (2.97 years) to read 100 books. Using the average as a predictor of the future, I should hit book 400 on November 19, 2007. But I won’t.

The trend has thus far been an increase in time between each hundred books. There was a 3.6% increase in time between the first hundred and second hundred. There was a 20% increase between the second hundred and third hundred. Taking the average, that’s an 11.8% increase in time between each hundred.

Using that figure, I will hit book #400 on September 7, 2008, just slightly over a year from now. This actually makes some sense, considering that at present I am reading book #377 and have 23 books to go to hit #400. So, let’s consider September 7, 2008 as the target and see just how close I actually come to that mark.


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