My calendar

On Friday’s I always review my work calendar for the next week to see just how hectic things are going to be. Here is my calendar for next week. It’s fairly typical:

As usual, Wednesday is the busiest day of the week. But the other days aren’t much better. You may be wondering about a few things, so let me explain:

I display both Pacific and Eastern (SM/DC) time zones on my calendar because 90% of my meetings are with people in the Pacific time zone and I have to keep in mind what time it is there so that I don’t schedule meetings during their lunch hour.

You may notice that I block out my lunch hour. This is because people in the Pacific time zone like to schedule meetings at 9 AM PT, and forget that this is lunch time in Washington, D.C. I like my lunch hour and so this serves as a reminder that I am not automatically available at this time. I also block out the end of my business day in the same way (I go home at 4 PM, which is 1 PM Pacific).

The double-booked meeting on Wednesday is not really a double-booked meeting. It’s due solely to the fact that someone does not know how to update meetings properly in Outlook. I don’t blame them. I hate Outlook, but one does what one can.

Yes, I have two “APT design meetings” on my calendar for next week. Actually, before the end of the day today there will be three. “APT” is my big project at the moment. This project will be ongoing until October 2008.

There are usually several long, boring meetings which have little direct value to me. The one on Monday from 1:30 – 3 PM is one of them. There are also a couple of meetings that I have no idea what they are about. The “InfoShare” meeting on Monday is one example of that.

As you can see, my mornings are usually pretty good. Everyone in Santa Monica is still sleeping. I wish I was still sleeping too.


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