It’s that time again, Patriot’s Day, according to my calendar.  Right across the street from my office is the unveiling of the new 9/11 garden at the Pentagon, so there were all kinds of road closures this morning, none affecting us however.

The police were out in force, giving people tickets who were making illegal left turns onto 26th street, just outside our house.  They are out there often (you can’t make a left turn onto the street between 7-9 AM), but this morning was like a turkey shoot.  There was a line of cars pulled over.  People trying to avoid traffic on 395, I guess.

On the news this morning, they had a traffic report and reported the backup on 395 right around Glebe Road.  I jumped up from the couch excitedly when the traffic-cam picture they had showed our townhouse building in the background.  Kelly thinks I over-reacted.

It doesn’t feel like 9/11 felt a few years back.  It’s amazing to think that it has been 7 years.  But at least for me, the somber tones of the day are not as obvious as they once were and I think that’s a good think.  We are healing.


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