Wake, part 1

I just finished reading part one of Robert J. Sawyer’s serialized novel Wake.  As usual with Rob’s stuff, it’s outstanding.  It pulls you in, and keeps hold of you, and entertains you and makes you think, and makes you crazy for the fact that you have to wait nearly a month before part 2 comes out!

Beyond that, it clearly shows the difference between the Big Leagues and the minors.  I consider myself to be in the minors, single A, if you will, with my one professional s.f. story sale.  Not only is Rob in the majors, but he has demonstrated time and again that he is an All-Star.  Wake is just another example of this.  I’ve been getting a lot of help and good feedback from my fellow work-shoppers, and I feel good about that.  But it is still an effort for me to produce  a story.  Reading Rob’s stuff makes it look easy.  I’d love to be in Majors some day, but for now, I’m quite content sitting on the sidelines and observing how the pros do it.


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