Yesterday’s writing progress

I managed 3,200 words spread over about 5 hours yesterday. That is the kind of progress I’ve been targeting for a while now. I worked it so that I got all of my social networking and other tasks done early in the day, and then spent the late morning and most of the afternoon writing, with a few breaks built in.

I’ve been stressing about this story for a variety of reasons, but yesterday I stopped stressing about it. It will either be good enough to be published or it won’t. Either way, I gain more experience and I get to have fun doing something I love doing. Once I stopped stressing about it, and I had a blast.

I’m trying something that generally works for me when I need to solve a software development problem at the day job. I tell myself that I am not going to get up from the desk until I have it worked out and then I work and work and work until I do. That was kind of my approach with the story yesterday. I’m also doing a brute force effort, writing a scene and if I don’t like it, completely rewriting it in a different way until I find the voice and tone I’m looking for. At this point, I don’t much care that I’m writing a lot more than I will keep. I’m having fun.

And I’m about to jump back into it! I wonder if I can top 3,200 words today?


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