What I did on this fine fall day

I’ve been away from the Internets for much of today, but only because it was such a fine fall day. Here are some of the things I managed to get done today.

  1. We visited a daycare that the Little Miss might be attending. Pleasantly surprised with the facilities, but the price is a little steep. We have one more to visit and will make a decision next week.
  2. Added 1,000 words to my work in progress. I didn’t get any fiction-writing done yesterday; things were just too hectic, but now I’ve written 11 out of the last 12 days and have a grand total something over 7,000 words. And I was pleased with what I wrote today, which is an added bonus.
  3. Had a visit from our friend Carmen, who we haven’t seen in a while, and who got to meet the Little Miss for the first time.
  4. Sprayed weed-killer in the front yard area to help, well, kill the weeds.
  5. Took the Little Miss on a walk to the park. Kelly and the Little Man headed there before us and we decided to stroll there ourselves after she woke up from her nap. We walked back together as well and she fell asleep and has been asleep ever since.
  6. Finished my quota of reading for my Vacation in the Golden Age. Episode 27 comes out tomorrow. It covers the September 1941 Astounding which is arguably one of the finest issues ever produced. This Episode should be a lot of fun!
  7. Raked up leaves in the backyard and pulled up a bunch of ivy that had grown in through our fence from the common area. I’ll finish up the raking and bag up the leaves tomorrow.

I look forward to spending the rest of the evening reading more of Stephen King’s 11/22/63. I’ve read Part 1 of the book and am about to start on Part 2. So far, I’m really, really enjoying it.

And we’re scheduled to have an even nicer fall day tomorrow! What a pleasant weekend!


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