I slept in a puddle

Ever have one of those days?

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I was incredibly busy at work. So much so that I had to take it home with me. We arrived home a little later than usual and I dashed off to pick up the Little Man from school. I got him back home and then headed for the computer to continue with the work that had been keeping me so busy. Kelly took the kids downstairs. At 7pm, I realized we were out of milk and bread, so I huffed it over to Target1 to pick up the two items. I got back to the house and saw that Kelly had set the trash and recycling by the door–a reminder that it was a trash night. I put the milk and bread away and then rushed into the back to grab the trash can and recycling bins and got the trash and recycling properly organized along the curb for collection.

Here, I paused to take a deep breath. After all, the weather was balmy, still in the low 60s.

Then it was back into the house, now somewhere around 7:30. I was behind schedule2. I headed into the kitchen and prepared my lunch for the next day. I got the Little Man’s milk ready for the night and morning3. I came upstairs to find Kelly and the kids playing in the Little Man’s room. Since I happy to be sleeping on the floor in that room4, I tossed my stuff down onto the mattress. The “stuff” included the large water bottle I use to drink water throughout the day. I hadn’t finished the water and I figured it might be useful to drink before bed. Then I headed for the shower.

I took a fast, scalding hot shower. When I finished, the Little Man still wasn’t ready for bed, but I was completely and utterly exhausted. I went to lay down on the mattress while he watched some TV with Kelly.

Where my water bottle had been carelessly tossed down, there was a large round puddle of water that had managed to leak out and soak through the fitted sheet, soak through the mattress pad, and soak into the very fabric of the mattress itself. Laying on it made a sloshing sound. Too tired to change sheets and flip the mattress, I got some towels to put over the puddle. The water soaked through in a matter of seconds.

“[Expletive removed]-this!” I said. I moved my body to a narrow stretch of mattress on the very edge and proceeded to try to sleep. As I was dozing off, the Little Man came in, ready for bed and wanting to watch an episode of Curious George before going to sleep.

I slept on the narrow band of dry mattress most of the night, until I rolled over into the puddle in my sleep, had some rather unfortunate dreams as a result, and woke up this morning feeling only marginally less stressed and frustrated than last night.

It was one of those days. Everybody has then. I supposed it could have been worse.

  1. We live right next to a Target so it is not a long walk by any means.
  2. And by this I mean I usually get started with the nightly routine chores and tasks at 7pm. But this was just a reminder of how behind schedule I was on my various projects at work.
  3. We fill 2 sippy-cups with milk and keep them in a small refrigerator in our bedroom at night so that he can access them.
  4. Because we are well into the process of getting the Little Man to sleep in his own bed, and this is one of the side-effects.


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