A morning of home improvements

Last weekend, the faucet in our kitchen sink came loose. I tried to repair it using plumbers putty, followed by Gorilla Glue. Either solution worked. At the same time, we’d had a slow leak from the faucet in our master bathroom. I decided to take care of both problems this weekend. We live within walking distance to Home Depot and I headed over there first thing this morning and picked out a new kitchen faucet and as well as one for the master bathroom. I managed to install both of them with only a moderate amount of swearing.

Here’s the one in the kitchen:


And here’s the one in the master bathroom:


Both are fairly dramatic improvements over what we had. The kitchen faucet was the easiest to replace, despite having the extra sprayer. That one went pretty smoothly. The one in the bathroom was in pretty bad shape and just getting the old one out of the sink was a little tricky. Then, I discovered that the attachments would reach the water sources. The sink was too deep. So I headed back to Home Depot for some connectors and they did the trick. The final problem was that because the basin was so deep, the plunger wouldn’t reach to pull the valve in the sink closed to keep water in the basin. To fix this problem, I used some duct tape to rig up an extension that would reach down far enough to make this work.

I am by no means a do-it-yourself expert, but there is a pleasant sense of accomplishment in getting these kinds of home improvements done. Even more so when you get them done before noon.


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