The Little Miss Turns One

We had family in town this weekend and I was so busy with that and other things that I didn’t get a chance to post about the Little Miss’s first birthday until now. On Sunday, the Little Miss turned one and it is rather remarkable how quickly that first year went by.

At one, the Little Miss is just such an adorable little girl that there are times when I wish she would stay one forever. She has a vocabulary of twenty or twenty-five words that she can say. She can understand a lot more. If I ask her where the light is, she’ll look up at the ceiling, find a light, point and say, “Liiiiight!” If I ask here where the bed is, she will point at it but won’t say the word. Which is strange because many of the words she says start with the letter B: book, ball, and stuff like that. She says Mama and Daddy. She says Maggie (one of our cats) and Miriam (one of the caretakers at her daycare). The latter comes out like “Mhi-yam.”

She can walk if she wants to but she still prefers to crawl. This is different from the Little Man, who never crawled so he walked more quickly. But she can crawl like the wind. She can climb the stairs by herself, meaning if we stand there to make sure she is safe, she can do it all by herself. We avoid letting her do this when we are not supervising, of course. She has an adorable laugh, and when she thinks something is really funny, the laugh turns into such a high-pitched squeal that she might upset nearby dogs and stir up any bats in the neighborhood. The one person who can make her laugh the hardest is the Little Man.

The Little Miss has quite a few teeth already. She’s omnivorous at this point, having eaten some meats in addition to other foods. She is a big fan of blueberries and strawberries, and loves macaroni and cheese. She is an incredibly messy eater, more food being distributed about her person than actually getting into her mouth–at least when she feeds herself.

The Little Man gets along much better with her. He now understands that she is a baby and she is learning, and he helps her out when he can. He is more tolerant of her touching his toys and will sometimes, of his own according, giver her one of his toys to play with.

And she is a clever girl, who I fear will be out to taunt me with her wit from here on out. Just the other evening, she was sleeping on the floor with Kelly (Kelly wasn’t feeling well and wanted to be able to stretch out–the floor had more space) and all was quiet when I heard our cat, Maggie, banging on the gate at the top of the stairs. It was her signal that she wanted to be let downstairs. It was 3:30am and I stirred slowly, but then I heard what I thought was crying. I suspected the Little Man, so I wandered into the hallway to investigate. It turns out it was neither the Little Man, nor Maggie, nor even crying that I heard. The Little Miss had wandered, on her own accord, down the hallway and was standing by the gate, giving it a good rattle now and then. When she saw me, she smiled and giggled.

I think we’ll have to keep an eye on that one.


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