Busy night

I sat down to do some reading and watch an episode or two of Sex and the City and it turned out to be a busy night. First, I got an IM from Mom, just saying hello and we chatted for a while. Not five minutes after that, I got an IM from Norm, and we chatted for a while too.

Now, it’s 1:16 AM and I feel somewhat wide awake. I don’t feel like watching any more SATC right now, so I’m going to try and read some more. I’m well into the history of Assyria, so perhaps tonight that will act as a soporific and help me fall asleep.

Also, there seems to be an unusual amount of train traffic tonight and they are are blaring their horns. And, it being nighttime, the sounds carry very well over the 1/4 mile distance from the tracks to my house.


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