Workout #47 (Cardio)

I had to wait about 6 minutes for the train this morning, which is average, but it was cold and I was never so happy as to board the warm, empty train car and be able to spend half an hour reading, while riding into work sitting next to the heater. I was in the office at 5:40 and on the elliptical before 5:50.

40 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I burned 552 calories, went a distance of 2.97 miles and reached a peak RPM of 97. My pace was between 80 RPM. After cardio, I did some chest exercises in prep for my workout tomorrow.

Group 1                  1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                  -------      -------      -------
Chest press               12/105       12/105        9/115
Push ups                      20           20           20
Crunches                      30           35           30

I was a little disappointed doing only 9 reps of 115 lbs on the last set, but that’s still pretty good considering I did two full sets at 105 lbs before that, not to mention two sets of push ups.

I’ve mentioned in the past how I can’t understand how people can read while they are on the elliptical or bike because you simply can’t focus on maintaining the proper pace. Well, I’m not perfect either. I found several times today that I was formulating the remainder of the plot to my story “4005 B.C.” while on the elliptical. Whole minutes disappeared while I worked thing out in my head and I didn’t have the same kind of focus that I normally do. On the other hand, I now have the rest of the plot, including some good dialog and the ending sentence of the story and I might even be able to wrap up the first draft tonight. So I guess there are trade-offs.


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