Workout #60 (Cardio)

Up at 4:30 AM and at a quick breakfast before heading in the office. It was windy here last night and I slept pretty well until about midnight, at which point I had a lot of trouble getting back to sleep, so I was a bit more tired than usual when I got up this morning. In any case, I was into the gym by 5:50 AM for an abbreviated workout.

26 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I burned 365 calories, and went a distance of 1.94 miles. I reached a peak RPM of 87. My pace was 84 RPM.

I had to quit after 26 minutes because I got so hungry, and my energy level dropped, that I just couldn’t continue. It’s strange because I ate a late dinner last night and then had breakfast first thing this morning (although admittedly, a smaller breakfast than usual). After I showered, I sat in the sauna for about 10 minutes. I’m heading down stairs to grab a big breakfast now, as I am still ravenously hungry.

Next workout, arms and shoulders, is tomorrow.


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