Monday morning strength workout

I couldn’t sleep last night, and although I was in bed around 8:30 PM, it wasn’t until sometime between 11 PM and midnight that I finally fell asleep. Nevertheless, I was up at 4:20 AM, had breakfast and headed into the gym (it was cold this morning with the wind).

I did a full chest/back workout this morning, totaling 21,795 lbs, which is a marked improvement over last week when I did 20,140 lbs. I’m still not able to do a full 3rd set of flat chest presses at 105 lbs (I did 11 reps instead of 12); I guess it takes a while to get back to where I was. I did manage a full 3rd set of inclined chest presses at 75 lbs, which is an improvement.

Just finished my second breakfast (peanut butter and banana sandwich on wheat toast) and now it’s back to work!


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