Don’t read this if you are hungry

Last week while I was in L.A., I mentioned how I’d gone out with long-time friends to a celebrity-chef restaurant called Street. At the time, I raved about just how great all of the food was, but I was also far too tired and unskilled to describe it all. Fortunately, my friend Eric, proprietor of the Mouse House Kitchen blog was there with us (in fact, we were there at his suggestion) and he is an expert at this kind of thing. And today (finally!) he’s written up a post based on our experience. Go forth and read it! But I warn you: if you’re hungry, you may want to wait. This point will only make things worse.

Forget the fact that I was hanging out with lifelong friends who I don’t get to see very often, reading through Eric’s post brought back fond memories of that food. Yum!


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