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I got into New York City at around 6 PM after a rather boring train ride (although I did manage to proofread 33 pages of “Graveyard Shift”). I took a taxi from Penn station to Jen and Jason’s place and arrived out front just as Jason was getting home from work.

A friend of his was having a birthday celebration at a bar in the west village, so we headed downtown to a place called Lederhosen, a German bar/restaurant on a quiet block north of Bleecker.

It was really kind of amusing. Jen and Jason made this deal where they are going veggie for the month of August. So here we were at a German restaurant with half a dozen other people, who were ordering weiners, and sausage and all kinds of meats (I had meatballs). And Jason ordered some kind of smoked macrel or something.

Incidentally, I had my first ever shot of Jaeger at that bar. It tasted like cough syrup and I limited my participation to just the one.

We shared a cab ride home with one of Jason’s friends who was sloshed and who was, at the same time, hysterical.

A near perfect weather day

Sunday turned out to be a nearly perfect weather day in NYC. It was overcast for much of the day, but the humidity was gone and the high temperature did not make it out of the 70s, so that the air had a pleasant coolness to it.

We started our day at a nearby breakfast place, where Jason tried the Irish breakfast, which we later found out contained, among other things, pigs blood. (I went for the Lumberjack, which had eggs, potatoes, bacon, ham, sausage, and three really well-done [in the coooking-sense] pancakes. I also had freshly squeezed apple juice, which is quite a bit different from what you get in the store.)

After breakfast, we walked over to Central Park and took a leisurely walk around the reservoir. The weather was perfect and the walk was great! It was just what I needed after 2 days of having a cold. (I felt much better this morning.) I took a couple of pictures while at the reservoir and will post them as soon as I get home. They show a pleasant contrast between the city and the park.

We spent the early part of the afternoon lazing around, and finally, at about 3 PM, we headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to meet my Aunt Judy and Uncle Joey, and a friend of theirs. We spent about an hour at the Met, and the most interesting things I saw were some Egyptian artifacts that I recall from my recent reading of the Egyptian civilization in Our Oriental Heritage. After the museum, we moseyed on over to 3rd Avenue where we found bar, sat outside, and listened to Aunt Judy tell us stories about Dad growing up.

For dinner, Jen, Jason and I went to Jackson Hole, around the corner from them on 2nd Avenue. I got the traditional grilled cheese, fries and chocolate shake. For dessert, I got a banana split. Yes, I was feeling much, much better. While, there, we entertained ourselves by picking out the most embarassing songs on the jukebox at our table and playing them for the entire restaurant to hear. (“Puff the Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul and Mary, etc.)

All-in-all, I think we had a really nice day.


Late this afternoon, Jen, Jason and I headed over to the Commerce Bank near their house and I made use of the “Penny Arcade” to get cash for all of the change that I brought up with me. Jen had the bag of dimes, Jason the bag of nickels, and I had the bag of quarters. It was pretty quiet in the bank and there were no lines. I walked up to the machine, pulled the the bag of quarters out of my pocket, and the bag broke and they promptly spilled all over the floor. Fortunately there was no one in line behind us because it took a few minutes to get the quarters cleaned up.

Jen put the dimes in the other machine and promptly filled it up, so we needed to call a teller to have them empty the machine. But after about 10 minutes of time, we had our receipts, and a few minutes later, we had our cash: about $150 because I didn’t bring the pennies with me.

We walked around the neighborhood for a while; I got a Balance energy bar and some water, and promptly bit the dickens out of my right cheek. We stopped in at Ryan’s Daughter’s bar for a beer and to watch a few inninngs of the Yankee game. Now we are back and Jen and Jason’s and planning on going to for Italian food at about 8 PM.

On Through the Night

With the help of NyQuil, I made it through the night without too much trouble. I woke up with a bit of a fever still, but some TheraFlu and a cold shower (I didn’t even touch the hot water spiogot) seemed to take care of it. That, plus three of Jen’s delicious cinnamon rolls. I have a craving for a tall cold glass of whole vitamin D milk, but Jen and Jason say milk is bad for you when you are sick. Pfui!, says I . Let me have my milk! But no, they say it causes increased mucus or something. Pfui, says I! Read myth #5 in this link to see what I am talking about. (I just made Jason read the text outloud.)

So I made it on through the night (can’t stop me now). We’re about ready to head out for a walk. More later.

Ad-man to the rescue

How often does this happen:

I was sitting at work, minding my own business, when someone sent a question to one of our aliases, asking if anyone knew about a commerical where a bunch of people are in a boardroom, saying, “We’ve got to be more nimble. How would so-and-so do it?” They knew nothing of the commercial other than that. But one of our clients wanted to use it as an example to illustrate a point in a study.

Well! My brother-in-law is a copywriter. So I called Jason and asked him about it. He didn’t know offhand, but he was able to point me to a resource where I could search and find it. Search I did and after a few failed attempts, I found it.

The commercial is for Visa. The title of the commerical is: Business Inspiration.

So through, luck and circumstance, and thanks in big part to Jason, I was able to provide the answer to the question.

Thanks, Jason!

Some pics from NYC

Here are a few pictures from my weekend in NYC. They are all pulled off of my cellphone, so that quality is not that great. But they should give you some ideas of Jen and Jason’s new place. And a bonus at the end.

Jen (jen_ashlock) and Jason’s new place

Okay, this is looking straight down the only staircase in Jen and Jason’s new place. There is no elevator, and this is the staircase in which we had to move everything up and down. Dad! See what you are getting yourself into?

This is a view of the new place from the front door (toward the back of the apartment) looking forward (north) toward the front of the apartment. I am standing in the living room. The next room down is the den, and beyond that is the bedroom. Behind me is the kitchen and the bathroom. And yes, that is the shiny hardwood floor upon which I threw up.

Jen and Jason’s den. Also known as Buttercream Card’s corporate offices.

Jason is installing the AC in the living room. From this view you can also see into the kitchen. Isn’t it nice and bright!?

This view is looking south, from Jen and Jason’s bedroom to the back of the apartment. You can see the kitchen and the entry to the bathroom way down there in the distance. (It’s a very Dr. Seuss-esque kind of design, with your bedroom over here, and your bathroom over there.)

Bonus Picture
Friends will recall my trip to Vegas back in March and how one of the incidents involved giving Andy $10 to drink a bottle of ketchup. Well, last Saturday, before heading up to Ava Lounge, we stopped for drinks and appetizers nearby and during our stay there, I told Jason I’d give him $5 to do a “shot of ranch dressing”. The following picture is Jason doing that shot. Turns out it wasn’t ranch dressing. It was Bleu Cheese. Jason realized it when he got to the bottom and it was, in his words, “chunky”.

Jen and Jason may have some pictures as well, and once they have their Internet connection setup, you might even be able to find some of these pictures on jen_ashlock‘s blog.

City life

What a difference being in Manhattan makes, then in Astoria, even as a visitor. It was so nice getting up this morning, and walking half a block to the corner to stop for breakfast. We explored the neighborhood a bit and then walked to the very nearby grocery store so that Jen and Jason could stock up on food in their new place. (After today, jen_ashlock and Jason are foregoing eating any meals out for the rest of July, so it was important that they stock up.)

Later on in the morning, we walked over to the nearby Circuit City and Best Buy, to do some comparison shopping on flat panel TV’s. I think I convinced Jen and Jason to get one as a way of saving space in their new apartment. But in browsing, I began to feel that I wanted one for myself. I resisted, however, and have different ideas. More on that later.

Eventually, we walked over to Central Park in order to play some ball, and even managed to have an entire softball field to ourselves. Jason and I played, while Jen relaxed in the muggy shade. Jon came by and he played too for a while. Then I had to head back to Jen and Jason’s to back up my stuff, and catch the 5 PM Acela back home…

…Except that when I got my ticket, I realized I’d gotten the 6 PM train instead of the 5 PM. It was easy to switch times, however. The train home was virtually empty. I sat in the quiet car and I don’t think there were five other people the entire way home. I got to Union Station right on time, and was back at home by about 8:30 PM.

All told, it was a really fun weekend.

Parks, parks and parks

Today was a day of parks: Central Parks, Amusement Parks and Ball Parks.

I woke up close to 10 AM with no headache but feeling somewhat queasy and unbalanced from the night before. I also had a very sore throat, which was damaged, I think, in the previous night’s regurgitation. Jen and Jason got up and headed over to the old place in Astoria to do one last round of cleanup. My head felt extremely heavy (albeit, pain-free) and I thought laying around wasn’t helping any. So I forced myself out of bed, dressed, headed down all 61 stairs and made my way, bleary-eyed to Central Park, four blocks away.

I wandered around the park for a while, eating a hot dog at the Bethesda fountain in order to get something in my stomach, and then headed over to the small pond over by 5th and 72nd and planting myself on a bench for a while. After Jen called me, I wandered back to their place to meet them. There was more resting, and showering (it was hot and muggy) and then the three of us headed out to the park again, this time for a late brunch at the Boathouse.

We called Jon and Hollie on the way there asked them to meet us for brunch and they agreed. I was extremely quiet all through brunch because I couldn’t shake the queasy feeling. I knew it was all in my head, but I just couldn’t quite shake it. However, after eating as much of my Boathouse salad as I could manage, I did feel better, probably because I had something other than water in my stomach.

We met Kevin outside the Boathouse just after 4 PM and wandered to the west side of the park. Eventually, we made our way to the D train out to Coney Island. The train ride out to the end of the line took about an hour. By this time, I was feeling much better.

Coney Island seemed packed. It was kind of like being at the Santa Monica pier. There was a hot dog eating contest going on. We wandered around the boardwalk, and made our way to the famous wooden roller coaster, the Cyclone. I stared at it lustily, but made what was perhaps the best decision of the weekend: I decided to forego the coaster ride until my next trip to Coney Island. My head still felt just unsettled enough to where sudden drops and turns might have led to extreme reactions. Instead I forced myself to turn away and we headed to the ballpark. (Note: it was not out of fear of roller coasters that I decided not to ride. I’ve ridden everything Magic Mountain has to offer; it was merely the unsettled feeling in my head that forced me away.)

Kevin had gotten us tickets to see the Brooklyn Cyclones, a short-season class-A farm team for the Mets, play against the Hudson Valley Renegades. The games was held at Keyspan Stadium just off the boardwalk in Coney Island. We were seated in section 21, down the left field line. It was a fun game to watch (the Cyclones won 4-2) and after the game, the crowd of 9,303 fan were treated to a fireworks display. It was a lot of fun.

On the long train ride back to Manhattan, I was feeling 100% better than when I woke up this morning, with the exception of a very sore throat. But even that was beginning to feel better too.

A guy walks into a bar…

Those of you reading this blog over the last several months are probably familiar with the tales of my recent adventures in going out for some drinks with friends. Each time, when the occassion suits, I attempt to test my limits to get an understanding of what I can handle and what I cannot.

Tonight, those limits were finally reached.

We all planned to celebrate our moving victory tonight, and so around 6 PM, Jen, Jason and I headed to Mustang on the corner of 85th and 2nd Avenue. We sat at the bar, and Jason and started off with house Margaritas, followed by a shot of tequila from their tequila bar. (Incidentally, credit goes to strausmouse for telling me about Mustang in the first place.)

About an hour later, Jenn, Tommy and Dean arrived, and we got a table and ordered dinner. (I had an excellent Mustang burger.) Along with dinner, I had 2 more large Margaritas as well as another shot of tequlia. It was a fun, animated dinner with everyone talking and eating and drinking, and we certainly did not want the night to end when the food did. So at about 9 PM, we moved ourselves directly across the street to Molly’s, where we got a table for six and sat down for more fun; it was also convenient because Tommy and I could watch the rain-delayed Yankees/Mets game.

The drinks continued to flow at Molly’s. First there were beers, of which I must have had about three. Interspersed with the beer was at least one more shot of tequila. And then the bar also bought us a few rounds of shots: Southern Comfort and lime. All told, I had 3 margaritas, 5 shots of various things, and 3 or 4 beers. Quantity-wise, it was not as much as I had in Cooperstown, but it was in a somewhat shorter period of time.

We finally left the bar sometime between 1 and 2 AM, after the Yanks had roundly defeated the Mets 16-6. Jenn, Tommy, and Dean headed back home, and Jen, Jason and I headed back up the street, trudged up the 61 steps to their apartment and collapsed onto some chairs amidst the clutter of boxes.

This is where it gets interesting.

I distinctly remember sitting in a chair, leaning forward, thinking about how Jen kept saying that I was going to get sick if I kept doing all those shots. But I drank so much water that I figured I nullified the bad effects. (By the end of the evening, it seemed that every glass of water at the table had ended up in front of me.) We were sitting around, deciding on whether or not to go to sleep, when, without warning, nausia, or any bad feelings, I leaned forward and threw up on Jen and Jason’s hardwood floors. It never occured to me to get up because I hadn’t felt in the least bit sick. After a moment of what I think was shock, Jen or Jason kicked an empty box in front of me and I made use of the box instead of the floor.

That was it for me. I got sick, I threw up, and I was done. I got on the phone and called Doug, who Jen and I had been texting all evening, to tell him the news. He had me on speaker phone and he thought it was all very funny. Then, while I was on the phone with him, and Jason was cleaning up the floor, I looked up to see Jason throwing up into the trash bag he was holding. It was a sympathy vomit, I think. Like something out of Stand By Me.

Jen, somehow, managed to avoid getting sick at all. After we cleaned everything up, we all went to sleep. But I learned a lot, and I had a good time too, and no real harm was done.

Move complete!

Luck, some planning and hard work were the ingredients required to make the move of Jen and Jason’s stuff happen so quickly. While Jason picked up the truck this morning, Jen and I moved all of the boxes and most of the other stuff downstairs so that we could pack the truck quickly. As it turns out, it took us longer to load the truck and move boxes out than to unload the truck and move boxes in.

As luck would have it, Jason was able to find a parking space on 85th directly across the street from the entrance to their apartment building. This made it very easy to get stuff from the truck into the building.

We had a total of six people doing the moving. Myself, Jen and Jason, as well as their friends, Jenn, Tommy, and his brother Dean. Jen and Jason live on the fifth floor and there was no elevator, so we used a fire brigade method of organization: Jenn sat in the truck and handed stuff to Tommy. Tommy brought the stuff into the building to the base of the stairs, and handed it off to Dean. Dean brought it up to the second floor landed, handing off to Jen. Jen brought it up to the third floor landing, handing off to me. I brought it up to the fourth floor landing, handing off to Jason. Jason brought the boxes up to the fifth floor and into the apartment. Using this method, we got into a rhythm that allowed up to have everything moved in in just about an hour.

It was hard work, however. We agreed to meet later on this evening for dinner and drinks. In the meantime, Jason is returning the truck. I went down to the corner to get a haircut. We have a few hours to shower and rest and then we head out for the evening.